Showing off his nice abs

Planking over the stall…showing some boxers sagging

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Do u take submissions?

Yes, if they are in line with the “theme” of my blog. You know what I like if you follow me. Please go to a web browser and click on the “Submit” link on the left side. It should be there.

Nice abs and chest.

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Nice sagging in the Armani and bbshorts riding low

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Nice sag in the Aeropostale and jeans

Showing those nice lat muscles and abs

Nice chest and calf - and nice sagging in the American Eagle boxers and bbshorts

Nice hat


Checking his phone by the pool

Nice sag in the American Eagles is right.


Nice sagging in the rope belt

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Angry selfie but nice abs and “V”.

On the track

Flexing those biceps